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Hi I'm GM Reaz Ahmed

Freelance SEO Expert in Kaliganj, Satkhira, Bangladesh

I am a Certified Web Designer, Digital Marketing & SEO consultant in Kaliganj, Satkhira. Since Jun 2019, I've been working as an internet marketing consultant for my clients. Are you looking for a web designer with experience in search engine optimization and marketing? You've come to the correct place. I am ready to provide you with my high-quality SEO services, which include Google Penalty Recovery for Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and all other recent Google upgrades. I'm also aware of Google's recent deindexation of PBNs. Furthermore, none of my websites have been penalized by Google.

Who Is The Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

Well, this might be the question that is popping up in your mind right now – “Who is the Top SEO Expert in Kaliganj, Satkhira?” 

Well, the obvious answer is – “Gm Reaz Ahmed is the Best SEO consultant in Kaliganj, Satkhira”.

You don’t need to trust me, trust Google.

As of this date, I have successfully completed 200+ SEO projects for hundreds of companies from all around the globe. If Organic Ranking is what your primary goal is, you must take SEO services from an experienced SEO professional like me.

Among those 50+ SEO projects, the minimum number of Bangladeshi companies I have worked with is around 10. And, this is what I always feel proud of as an SEO expert bd.

Throughout my SEO career, I have always tried to come up with different strategies following the Webmaster Guidelines to see the search engine ranking results after implementing them. This is what makes me different from all those SEO professionals in Bangladesh.

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